Safety Specific Rules:


Safety Specific Rules:


1. FPS Limits:

All weapons will be chronographed on arrival and may be subject to a random chronograph through the day.

·         Pistol                                        – 350fps

·         Shotgun                                   – 350fps

·         Rifle (Bolt Action)                    – 350fps

·         Rifle (Semi Auto)                     – 350fps

·         SMG (Full Auto)                       – 350fps

·         Automatic Rifle (Full Auto)    – 350fps

·         Machine gunner                     – 350fps

·         Sniper (Semi Auto)                 – 425fps (30meter Minimum Engagement Distance)

·         Sniper (Bolt Action)                – 500fps (30meter Minimum Engagement Distance)


Automatic is permitted indoors, however bursts of 3-5 will do fine.


In absolutely no circumstances must you blind fire. (Make sure you can see where your gun is pointed)

Co2 and HPA airsoft guns are welcome. They must meet the FPS limit required.


2. Medication:

If there is a player here that requires medication, inhalers or epi pens etc. Please make yourself known to the Marshals. We will then make sure the location of said medication is marked and easily located on your person in the unlikely event that you will not be able to administer it yourself.


3. Real Time Casualty:

·         If someone becomes a real time casualty shout "STOP! STOP! STOP!" followed by “CASUALTY" to nearby PLAYERS and Marshals.

·         When you hear “STOP! STOP! STOP!” you must instantly cease all activity. Place your weapons down in the direction you are facing and wait where you are. Do not remove magazines or tamper with weapons in case of further investigation.

·         If a marshal is not there quickly, use communications via mobile phone to (+44)07377676965, give your location and mechanism of injury and await assistance.

·         "STOP! STOP! STOP!" Can only be cancelled by event organisers.


4. MED Plan:

The nearest hospital is …………………………, approximately ……………………. If the casualty has a minor injury we will take him or her to the A&E department, in the event of a major casualty 999 will be called and the casualty will be taken in an ambulance. The ambulance RV will be at the main gate.


5. Fire:

In the event of a fire, shout, "STOP! STOP! STOP!" followed by “FIRE!" to nearby PLAYERS and Marshals. If the fire can be contained by Marshals the game will resume, in the event that the fire cannot be contained, players must move to the fire muster point and 999 will be called. The RV for fire engines will be at the main gate.

·         "STOP! STOP! STOP!" Can only be cancelled by event organisers.

6. Pyrotechnics:

·         In absolutely no circumstances will homemade pyrotechnics or fireworks be permitted for use by players.

·         Any pyrotechnics that have been thrown must not be picked up, it is likely that they could explode prematurely and cause serious injury.

·         Mortars must be used in the indirect role, not direct role.

·         TAG ammunition should not be fired directly players.

·         Do not throw grenades upstairs.

·         Do not throw grenades inside vehicles.


7. Water:

Ensure that you bring sufficient drinking water and water bottle, a soldier cannot survive of cans of pop and Monster alone.


Game Specific Rules:


·         No Pyrotechnics or weapons must be used outside of game hours.

·         No lone wolves.

·         Do not cheat, you will be asked to leave.

·         Sufficient eye protection must be worn.

·         A form of white light (torch) must be carried at all times at night.

·         A white bandage must be carried at all times.

·         Vehicles must have lights on when moving during dark hours.


1. Ammunition Count:

·         Pistol                                        – 2 Magazines

·         Shotgun                                   – 100 Rounds

·         Rifle (Bolt Action)                    – 100 Rounds

·         Rifle (Semi Auto)                     – 100 Rounds

·         SMG (Full Auto)                       – 300 Rounds

·         Automatic Rifle (Full Auto)    – 400 Rounds

·         Machine gunner                     – 2000 Rounds

·         Sniper                                       – 50 Rounds

·         Anti-Tank                                  – 2 Rockets

·         Grenades                                 – 4 Grenades


Extra ammo will be carried in ammo boxes or containers e.g. MG34 Trommel or .30cal box. These ammo containers will be held with your HQ. When these are empty your ammo will be dropped via Parachute into the game area.


2. Classes:

  • Section Commander – These are in game Marshals! It is your role to ensure your section is kept together and is working efficiently to carry out your orders and your commander’s intent. You must also manage water, ammunition and casualties. Look after your men and they will work hard for you. (To be a section commander please dress appropriately, and act the part e.g. sergeant stripes.)


  • Rifleman – You are the back bone of the modern fighting force. Your role is to obey direction from your section commander to win the fire fight or use your quick thinking to outflank the enemy position. Put in maximum effort and you will be rewarded by your superiors. You will also be needed to carry extra ammunition for your machine gunners and section!


  • Automatic Rifleman – Your role is simple. You are a rifleman with an added capability, the ability of sustained and accurate automatic rifle fire. Keep the enemies heads down as you fire during the assault. 

  • Machine Gunner – You are the heavy support that your section needs to win a fire fight, although the machine gun is heavy, you have fire superiority over the enemy fire teams. You can only use this weapon in two roles. You may fire from a sustained fire position (bipod deployed) or fire from the hip on the assault. A point to note is that you will need a number two to carry the ammunition tins needed to keep the gun firing!


  • Sniper – Snipers are integrated into the sections. They can use their keen eye to spot out key enemy machine gunners and section commanders in order to create chaos. These are limited to one per section and must work within the section. At absolutely no point in time will the sniper be allowed to lone wolf unless he has been briefed for a special mission. The sniper must carry a pistol and will not be allowed to play without one due to the minimum engagement range of 30 meters.


  • Anti-Tank – Your role is to destroy vehicles and emplacements. Use your rockets wisely as your team may be relying on you!


  • Assault Engineer – Engineers like to think they are the workers of the Army. They will be given special tasks from laying mines, demolitions or even building obstacles to slow down and enemy force. 


  • The Medic, although unarmed but protected under the 1864 Geneva Convention, is still a huge asset and is the life line of the Platoon. At times he may be running around like a headless chicken to breathe life back into players. He should also strive to check on your actual health making sure you have consumed enough water or eaten enough food. Look after your medic. He will be the angel on your shoulders. The medic will carry 15 RED bandages. Once these are depleted He must go and collect more.


3. Limited Lives:

Your Lives will be limited! When you spawn you will be added to a tally chart for that objective. Use them sparingly!


4. Objectives:

Objectives in the game will not always be a prominent. Like on a real battlefield you may be required to take a portion of high ground or road junction in order to allow reinforcements or reserves freedom of movement on the battlefield. Remember, the war is not won by individual soldiers! Follow your Commanders orders!


5. HQ:

Your HQ will consist of an Aid station (Marked with Red Cross) and an HQ Element (e.g. Your team Commander) where you will spawn from. The HQ must not be placed within 100m of an objective.


6. Attrition:

When your section has sustained 50% casualties it is combat ineffective, your section must withdraw.

7. Game Casualty:

You are a casualty in play if:

  • You are Melee killed (Another PLAYER puts his hand on you and states, “Knife!” or bayoneted).

  • You are struck by a BB. (Including weapon)

  • You stand on a mine. (Big bang and white dust)

  • You are 5 meters from a pyrotechnic explosion. (Including mines)

  • You are in a room with pyrotechnic and not behind hard cover. (Concrete)


Actions on casualty:

  • You must role play your own injury. (Fall down screaming holding area where shot)

  • Crawl to cover

  • Call for medic! Shout “MEDIC” or “SANITATER

  • When Bandage is applied, you can carry on fighting


8. Dead:

You are dead if you are wearing a white bandage and:

  • You are Melee killed (Another PLAYER puts his hand on you and states, “Knife!” or bayoneted)

  • You are struck by a BB

  • You stand on a mine. (Big bang and white dust)

  • You are 5 meters from a pyrotechnic explosion (Including mines)

  • You are in a room with pyrotechnic and not behind hard cover (Concrete).


Actions on Dead:

  • You must role play your own injury. (Fall down screaming holding area where shot)

  • Crawl to cover

  • Call for medic! Shout “MEDIC” or “SANITATER

  • Await your Medic to apply a bloody bandage and remove helmet.


Dead men do not talk!


9. Revive/Respawn:

You can be revived by:

  • A Medic can revive you by applying a RED (Bloodied) bandage, this life is to allow you to hobble back to the spawn zone where you remove the bandage and put it in the first aid box.

  • Due to Covid-19, upon Returning to the spawn zone you will spray the bandage with sanitizing spray before putting it in the first aid box.

  • Once in Safe Zone you will be held by your Team Commander until YOUR Section Commander comes back for you!


10. Surrendering:

You have the option to surrender yourself! If you surrender you must have your weapon slung and approach the enemy with your hands held above your head. You will have to conform to a search and then maybe taken to the enemy HQ for questioning before being released. Be warned, some SOLDIERS may not take you prisoner! (No personal effects can be confiscated; Weapons can be held for the captured PLAYER until PLAYER is released.)


11. Vehicles: (Vehicle rules are being re worked)

All in play vehicles will be issued with white smoke. White smoke is to be ignited when the vehicle is immobilised or disabled.

Soft Skin Vehicles (Jeep, Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz) – These vehicles can be disabled with grenades, this does not kill the occupants inside the vehicle. If these vehicles are hit with rockets, mines or charges they will be destroyed and all occupants killed.


Armoured Vehicle (Halftrack, Sherman, Stug) – Rockets, mines and explosives charges will be required to damage these hefty vehicles. When the vehicle is struck once by a mine, rocket or charge the vehicle and crew are all dead. White smoke will be used to show the vehicle is destroyed.


12. Bunkers:

Once a bunker has been contacted you will only have two option to deal with the situation.

  • Retreat – Call the “Retreat” and fall back from the bunker completely. 

  • Assault – Begin an assault on the bunker and neutralize the threat. Firing through the vision slits will not simply kill the combatants but will suppress them for 3 seconds. A grenade, anti-tank rocket or satchel charge will completely disable a bunker.