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Frontline Events

"Welcome to Frontline Events - H-HOUR. The UK's premier airsoft site! Itwill be the only WW2 themed site in the country and boasts gameplay where you will have to use tactics to win!"

- Frontline Events


We have finally done it, after two years of searching, we have found a new permanent site located in Ludlow, Shropshire! A Place to call Frontline's home.


Natural and untouched! Our mission is to make it into the best site in the country!


We will be including:

  • Large safe zone

  • A safe 50m rifle range for airsoft, air rifles and Archery. (This can also be quickly swapped to a 100m range!)

  • 2 Huge game areas including a village

  • 2 Smaller wooded game areas

  • A safe place for Drones to operate

  • Basic Survival Courses

  • Military training days (for team building and cohesion)

And so much more!


Now is the time for us, as an established community, to really dig in deep and help (If you can).


What we need help with:

  • Solictor's fees

  • Planning permission costs

  • Materials for building our "basic" game zone (to expand on once we open)

  • A very basic safe zone (to expand on once we open)

  • Rubber matting for car parking in winter


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

YOU can support us using the link below!


Here is a basic site map so far! The site is fairly undulating terrain that would double up perefectly as Normandy or Belgium during 1944. So we will make the site fit it perfectly!

In Area A will be the "Ville" with the "Slutty Nun" Inn accomanpied by destroyed Jagdpanther, a Cafe, Church and Bistro with a well in the centre to form the "Village Square" so to speak. That will be the Social Area! Surrounding the centre of town are "buildings/Houses" that have been put at angles so that you can not see through town to the outside. We are sure it will be a nightmare to attack and defend.


In Area B, the area to be built first, you can see the dispursed farms (all just within reach of airsoft weapons), the C47 crash site, Gun Battery of mock LFH18's and mini trench networks dotted about. Copious amounts of covering fire and smoke will be required to win this type of terrain!

  • The Jagdpanther and other vehicles will be 1:1 replica's to look as though they have been knocked out, or used for spares

  • The Village will be contructed to look as realistic as we possibly can

  • The C47 will be in sections as though it had been destroyed on 6th June 1944

  • The gun Battery will be made of non functioning 1:1 scale replicas

We are so excited about this, it is now the perfect opertunity to get involved, whether helping to build, lift and shift, or financially.


LA NONNE SALOPE, "The Slutty Nun" Inn will be in the centre of the village