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13 December 2020

"Once again another outstanding day with the usual players plus plenty of new faces.

Well done to the local players at Red Alert for their outstanding hit taking & secondly something you don't see very often not running away from Pyro landing by their feet.

I would just like to put a request in to Dan & Kiel can you please put a game on when the bloody sun is shining.

Plenty of Pyro at the game & for a change its not me making all the noise.

Well done to everyone for a great day & I didn't even lose anything this time.

MERRY Christmas & see you all next year."

                                                   - Pyro Pete


26 October 2020

"Thanks for the event this weekend guys - had a brilliant time, great team and staff. Hopefully we'll be seeing you all again in December. Cheers."

        - Callum Monro


26 November 2019

"The Battle of Foy : A "ROLLS-ROYCE" Standard of an Airsofting event!

A Massive Thank you to all who worked so very hard on this event and making it all happen, truly an amazing day!!

The ride in the M3 half track to be deployed at our fox holes, then be greeted by sounds of planes and gun fire going off in the back ground, then to hide in our fox holes as explosions going off was breathtaking.
The Lt(s) sounded and looked the part with good clear instructions given.
The medics were quick and run about the battle field like sprinters (both worked hard on keeping all The US side alive)
The GI were a good group of soldiers, both eager at defending the line and getting at the Germans.
The German side were great fun to play against and push us hard to keep the line from falling!

In fact one of the German soldiers almost made it into my foxhole but got hit and laid dying in the foxhole, about 3 foot from me.

Whoever it was that was great bit of attacking then role playing dead ,Thank you Sir.

I thought The Two minute silence showed before we started the game is tremendous show of respect for the fallen.

P.s The food was great and very welcomed."

                                                 - Darran Here

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