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Battle School



TBC (You tell us when is most convienient for you)





The Need:

Do you want to become a more effective team? Look no further. With over 20 years military experience Frontline Events can help.


Dan, since 2011, has served in the regular Armed Forces within the Blues & Royals (Household Cavalry). During this time he has been on Operations and Exercises all over the globe where he has been able to learn and practice new skills through years of repetition.


In 2019 he trained with the Team GB Olympics coaches and then Swansea FC Academy Coaches in 2021 (

Most recently trained with the FA Potential Managers in 2022.


This course will increase problem solving, mental resilience and communication skills between your staff or team members as well as prove who has leadership qualities amongst you. Learn how to get the competitive edge and how to problem solve efficiently.


What You will Get:

  • Hand Signals
  • Types of Movement
  • Patrolling
  • Prep for Battle
  • Reaction to Effective Enemy Fire
  • Locating the Enemy
  • Winning the Firefight
  • The Assault
  • Posting the Grenade
  • The Regroup
  • Pyro Included
  • Rations Included
  • Uniform and Eqipment available for those who need it


Critical Timings:

For those who wish to enrol on the course, the timings are as follows.


Day -1:

  • 1400hrs - Gates Open
  • 1800hrs - Social & Meal


Day 1:

  • 0700hrs - Gates Open & Breakfast
  • 0800hrs - Booking in & Chrono
  • 0900hrs - Safety Brief
  • 0930hrs - Course Start
  • 1230hrs - Lunch
  • 1330hrs - Course Commence
  • 1700hrs - Endex Saturday
  • 1800hrs - Social & Meal


Day 2:

  • 0900hrs - Safety Brief
  • 0930hrs - Course Commence
  • 1230hrs - Lunch
  • 1320hrs - Photograph!
  • 1330hrs - Course Commence
  • 1700hrs - Endex Day 2


Not adhering to these timings has previously lead to delays. From this event onwards the scheduled events will take place as stated. The course will start without YOU. YOU will then wait for us to give you a safety brief can participate.

If you have a long drive, please allocate extra time in your journey to allow for extra traffic or road closures.

Battle School

Out of Stock
  • Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult. Base level of fitness required.

    • Full 24 or 48 hour course - Contact us for pricing.
    • 8-12 person training package.

    Included in Cost:

    • Simulation Grenades
    • Smoke Grenades
    • Battle Course
    • Site hire
    • Camp Site
    • Insurance
    • Rations
    • Social in the evening
  • Refunds on event tickets are non refundable if you do not wish to attend, however, if Frontline Events Ltd must cancel an event refunds WILL be issued.

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