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Historic Milsim Event


Septmeber 2024


Dorset Paintball


Operation Market Garden was an Allied military operation during the Second World War in the Netherlands from 17 to 27 September 1944.
In the thick of the fighting was Brigadier Hackett, rifle and bayonet in hand, organised a charge to clear the enemy from a hollow in the Wolfheze woods; there he gathered 150 men, all that were with him at that time. The Germans closed in again and kept them under constant rifle and machine gun fire which took a steady toll. The Brigadier himself led several rushes to keep the enemy at bay.


With the remnants of his 4th and the 1st Parachute Brigade, and survivors of other units of the Division, he took command of the eastern flank of what became known as the Oosterbeek Perimeter. His HQ was in slit trenches only 200 yards from the forward positions near the Former Medical Dressing Station crossroads. For the next four days the thin 'line' held firm under constant mortar, artillery, tank, MG and sniper fire.




HOLD – Brigadier Hackett's Brigade must hold their HQ at the Former Medical Dressing Station.

BREAKTHROUGH – 10th SS Division is to break through the British lines in order to link up with the 9th SS Division and encircle remaining troops within Arnhem.





Hackett's Charge

  • British Airborne impressions ONLY.

    German Impressions to be Waffen SS, Heer, FJR and Luftwaffe Ground troops only.

    Sub Machine guns limited to Squad Leaders, 2ic’s and Officers only. Let’s try to maximise the number of rifles in use!

    Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.


    • Full Weekend Event - £110. £45 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
    • Single day - £55. £45 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
    • Sniper Roles (4 slots per side)
    • Medics Roles (2 Slots per side)

    Rental Kits:

    *Price may vary depending on weapon:

    • Standard weapons - £30 for the weekend

    Included in Cost:

    • Site hire
    • Camp Site
    • Insurance
    • Social on Friday evening

    Ration Cards:
    Ration cards will be closed until further notice.

  • Refunds on event tickets are non refundable if you do not wish to attend, however, if Frontline Events Ltd must cancel an event refunds WILL be issued.

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