24th, 25th & 26thth June 2022



Rift Airsoft - The Ridge - MK45 4LG



Operation Barbarossa also known as the German invasion of the Soviet Union started on Sunday, 22 June 1941. Their ultimate goal included the eventual extermination, enslavement, Germanization and mass deportation to Siberia of the Slavic peoples, and to create more Lebensraum for Germany.

The operation opened up the Eastern Front, in which more forces were committed than in any other theater of war in history. The area saw some of the world's largest battles, most horrific atrocities, and highest casualties, for Soviet and Axis forces alike!


In the opening hours of the invasion, the Luftwaffe destroyed the Western Front's air force on the ground, and with the aid of Abwehr and their supporting anti-communist fifth columns operating in the Soviet rear paralyzed the Front's communication lines, which particularly cut off the Soviet 4th Army headquarters from headquarters above and below it. On the same day, the 2nd Panzer Group crossed the Bug River, broke through the 4th Army, bypassed Brest Fortress, and pressed on towards Minsk.




  • ADVANCE – Army Group Centre and Hoth’s 3rd Army is pushing towards Lwow, the heigh ground overlooking the city must be secured for the artillery.


  • DELAY – Southwestern Front of the Red Army is retreating in order to regroup and have left a Company behind with a small partisan force to hold the hill top.


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All German impressions (preferably field grey tunics and trousers) will be acceptable along with all