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Historic Milsim Event


26, 27, 28th July 2024


Pathfinder Airsoft - llatyrafel farm, Aberdulais SA10 8HR


July 1968, Central Highlands, US forces have intel leading to a small trail near a local patrol base. This trail is believed to be used for Vietcong to smuggle, weapons, opium with intent to supply other VC units in the south.The trail is protected by Local VC and there have been sightings of PAVN troops pushing further south.US troops will assemble 1 platoon to recon the trail and not engage without permission from higher.



  • FIND and DISRUPT – FINDER,1,0 must FIND and Destroy Vietnamese on a well-used jungle trail.


  • AMBUSH – Local Vietcong must guide the PAVN troops into American patrol routes in order to allow supplies to flow through the trail. 



The Patrol - Vietnam

  • All US Army Infantry impressions are welcome (no Special Forces). Vietnamese Impressions are to be uniformed PAVN and VC only!

    Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.


    • Full Weekend Event - £110. £45 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
    • Single day - £55. £45 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
    • Sniper Roles (4 slots per side)
    • Medics Roles (2 Slots per side)

    Rental Kits:

    *Price may vary depending on weapon:

    • Standard weapons - £25 for the weekend

    Included in Cost:

    • Site hire
    • Camp Site
    • Insurance
    • Social on Friday evening

    Ration Cards:
    Ration cards will be closed until further notice.

  • Refunds on event tickets are non refundable if you do not wish to attend, however, if Frontline Events Ltd must cancel an event refunds WILL be issued.

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