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The MP 18 manufactured by Theodor Bergmann Abteilung Waffenbau was the first submachine gun used in combat. It was introduced into service in 1918 by the German Army during World War I as the primary weapon of the Sturmtruppen, assault groups specialized in trench combat


All Metal Body, Barrel & Wooden Stock




1 Magazine


S&T MP18

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    • Length: 830 mm (total length)
    • Weight:  3790 g (with magazine)
    • Color:  Black
    • Material: polymer , Alloy , Real Wood
    • Hop-up: Adjustable
    • Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
    • Magazine Capacity: 130 Rounds
    • Bullet Type: 6mm BB
    • Battery: 11.1v Li-po Battery (mini type plug)
    • Power(Muzzle Velocity) : 330 FPS (0.2g BB)
    • Manufacturer : Snow Wolf
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