5th, 6th & 7th August 2022



HQ Airsoft, Driffield YO25 9EY



The Chernobyl Incident, 1986 the nuclear reactor melts down and explodes throwing vast amounts of radiation into the air. This creates an exclusion area 60km in diameter patrolled by Ukrainian Military on one side, and Belarus on the other. This out of bounds area has been frequently visited by adventurers and people looking for fortune not too dissimilar from those who sought out gold during the 1800’s rush. These people are STALKER’s and they named it the “ZONE”.
As one of these STALKERS you have gone to the ZONE looking for prosperity, knowing that where there is danger there is wealth. Avoiding the brutal Berkut soldiers you have snuck into the ZONE where you meet many other STALKERS, form factions and begin learning about artifacts, legendary treasures that have been created by anomalies and radiation that are said to possess healing powers, get them out of the ZONE. You must also learn about other enemies in the ZONE.



Speak to "The Trader" and find out if there are any missions to undertake in the ZONE. Go and explore the ZONE, find items, currency and artifacts to trade. RUN, THINK, SURVIVE!


Bookings & Cost



All STALKER Impressions welcome!


Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.


To book on please head to the Bookings page on our website;

  • Full Weekend Event, 50 spaces only - £100. £50 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
  • Saturday or Sunday - £50 per day.


Rental Kits:

Rental guns are available. £25 for a weekend.


Included in Cost:

  • Site hire
  • Camp Site
  • Insurance
  • Social in the evening
  • ZONEApp (Link will be provided)


Ration Cards:
Ration cards are available allowing you to eat in the scoff tent.

  • Ration Card 1/4 (Saturday Breakfast or evening meal) - £4.99
  • Ration Card 1/2 (Saturday Breakfast and Dinner) - £9.99
  • Ration Card 1 (Saturday and Sunday Breakfast and dinner) - £14.99