At Frontline Events we believe that every player should be able to take part in our battle simulations. To do this we can provide rental kits for new players.

  • If you require rental kit you must write to us via this page before booking on to ensure we have the correct sizes for you.

  • You must download, complete and bring the rental policy form with you.

Rental prices for WW2 kits start from £25, this includes the gun and complete load out.

  • Standard weapons                                                        - £25 for the weekend

  • Sniper rifle with scope + Pistol                                    - £35 for the weekend

  • Machine gun & Unlimited Ammunition                     - £35 for the weekend

We very excited and pleased to announce that we have Hire Kits with weapons available for those who would love to try WW2 airsofting before spending £££'s on expensive but beautiful looking kit!

WW2 weapons available;

  • Colt 1911

  • M1 Garand

  • M1 Carbine

  • Thompson M1A1

  • M3 Grease Gun

  • M1918 BAR

  • M1919a6 or M1919

  • M20 Recoilless Rifle

  • Luger P08

  • Browning Hi-Power

  • K98K

  • K98K Scharfschützen

  • MP40

  • Beretta M1938

  • STG44

  • MG42

  • Mosin Nagant 1891/30

  • PPSH41

WW2 uniforms available;*

  • British 8th Army Uniform

  • Afrika Korps Uniform

  • US Airborne Uniform

  • US Infantry Uniform

  • Soviet Infantry Uniform

  • Heer (Wehrmacht) Uniform

*Uniforms are supplied with helmets, correct webbing, gaiters, water bottles and mess kits! (Knife forks and spoons not provided)

Modern weapons available;

  • M16a2/a1

  • XM177E2

  • L85a2

  • L96 Rifle

  • PKM

More coming soon!




Contact Us:

Email: frontlineww2events@gmail.com

Phone I : 07772168711

Phone II: 07377676965


Frontline Events Ltd is strictly a NON political organisation and the members of said organisation do not affiliate with or share the views of Nazi’s, terrorist groups or the Soviet Union. The use of Nazi or Soviet logos and propaganda are used under artistic license helping to keep the immersion levels at our events to a high standard. All sound effects (not including music) heard on the website, in videos and or at events are the property of Frontline Events Ltd and we do not give you the permission to use these in any form without pre-arranged written conformation.


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