Skirmish Game Rules:


1. Weapon Safety:

All weapons will be chronographed on arrival and may be subject to a random chronograph through the day.

  • Pistol                                              – 350fps

  • Shotgun                                         – 350fps

  • Automatic Weapons (Full Auto) – 350fps

  • Rifle (Semi Auto)                           – 400fps (30metre Minimum Engagement Distance)

  • Rifle (Bolt Action)                          – 500fps (30metre Minimum Engagement Distance)

Co2 and HPA airsoft guns are welcome. They must meet the FPS limit required.

40mikes are not permitted until testing has been done on site.

Biodegradable BB only policy, we care about good airsoft as much as we like to look after the environment.


2. Medication:

If there is a player here that requires medication, inhaler or Epipen, Please make yourself known to the Marshals. We will then make sure the location of said medication is marked and easily located on your person in the unlikely event that you will not be able to administer it yourself.


3. Real Time Casualty:

  • If someone becomes a real time casualty shout "STOP! STOP! STOP!" followed by "CASUALTY“to nearby PLAYERS and Marshals.

  • When you hear “STOP! STOP! STOP!” you must instantly cease all activity. Place your weapons down in the direction you are facing and wait where you are. Do not remove magazines or tamper with weapons in case of further investigation.

  • If a marshal is not there quickly, use communications via mobile phone to (+44)07772168711 or (+44)07377676965, give your location and mechanism of injury and await assistance.



The nearest hospital is Salisbury, approximately 16 minutes away. If the casualty has a minor injury we will take him or her to the A&E department, in the event of a major casualty 999 will be called and the casualty will be taken in an ambulance. The ambulance RV will be at the main gate.


5. Fire:

In the event of a fire, shout, "STOP! STOP! STOP!" followed by FIRE!" to nearby PLAYERS and Marshals. If the fire can be contained by Marshals the game will resume, in the event that the fire cannot be contained, players must move to the fire muster point and 999 will be called. The RV for fire engines will be at the main gate.


6. Parking:

All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking area.

  • When you park in a space, take a minute and think, can an ambulance get through here?

  • Frontline Events takes no responsibility for any damages your vehicle incurs on site unless we are directly responsible.

7. Safe Zone:

Whilst in the safe zone you must.

  • Remove all magazines from weapons. (Including holstered weapons)

  • Clear barrels and breaches of all weapons. (Including holstered weapons)

8. Toilet Facilities:

Toilet facilities are in the safe zone.

  • You must use them for passing bodily fluids and waste.

  • Do not risk exposing yourself to a minor or the opposite sex.

9. Water:

Ensure that you bring sufficient drinking water and water bottle, a PLAYER cannot survive of cans of pop and Monster alone.

10. Eye Protection:

Sufficient eye protection must be worn at all times outside of the safe zone.

  • Under 13’s must wear full face protection.

  • If you incur a problem with your eye protection, please highlight this to a marshal ASAP, do not attempt to rectify the issue outside of the safe zone.

11. Spawning:

You will start SPAWN ZONE. Your SPAWN ZONE will be your HQ and marked with a red or blue flag.

12. Fire Control:

One BB is enough to kill any PLAYER. Do not hold your trigger down or attempt to hose players.

  • Killing burst of 8-10 tracer does not apply. You are not trying to kill the enemy.

  • 3-4 rounds is enough, use the term “Marilyn Monroe”.

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated.

13. Hit:

You are hit if you are:

  • You are Melee killed (Another PLAYER puts his hand on you and states, “Knife!” or bayoneted).

  • You are struck by a BB anywhere on the body.

  • You are 5 meters from a pyrotechnic explosion. (Including mines)

  • You are in a room with pyrotechnic and not behind hard cover. (Concrete)

  • When you are hit, you are to shout “HIT!” Holding your hands above you with your weapon slung.

  • Whilst walking back to your safe zone you must not talk to other players, dead men don’t talk.

14. Smoke Grenades:

  • Smoke can only be used outdoors. Once thrown, it is the originators smoke grenade that they have paid for, leave it alone.

  • Do not pick up ignited smoke grenades, it may burn you.

15. Grenades:

  • Grenades can be used indoors and outdoors. Once thrown it is the originators grenade that they have paid for, leave it alone.

  • Do not pick up ignited grenades, it may explode in your hand.

16. Climbing:

  • You SHOULD use stairs to gain access to rooftops and upper floors.

  • You SHOULD NOT climb over walls.

  • You SHOULD NOT make ladders and steps out of props.

17. Vehicles:

All in play vehicles will be issued with white smoke. White smoke is to be ignited when the vehicle is immobilised or disabled.

  • All vehicles are limited to 5mph during play.



Contact Us:

Email: frontlineww2events@gmail.com

Phone I : 07772168711

Phone II: 07377676965


Frontline Events Ltd is strictly a NON political organisation and the members of said organisation do not affiliate with or share the views of Nazi’s, terrorist groups or the Soviet Union. The use of Nazi or Soviet logos and propaganda are used under artistic license helping to keep the immersion levels at our events to a high standard. All sound effects (not including music) heard on the website, in videos and or at events are the property of Frontline Events Ltd and we do not give you the permission to use these in any form without pre-arranged written conformation.


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