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Artifacts are formed from anomalies, exposed to certain objects or conditions: The combination of an ordinary object and an anomaly, the degeneration and death of an anomaly or if the anomaly is exposed to certain conditions. An example is the Crystal where it is a combination of metallic substances and the Burner anomaly. Emissions are known to be the catalyst in the actual creation of an artifact, although scientists in the zone are still unable to explain how this happens.

All Artefacts in THE ZOИE are found near anomaly fields, which can be detected through your app (The laws of physics would make it very hard for us to create real anomalies). Do not become to careless around anomalies, they are extremely dangerous and even heaviy irradiated in some instances. 

"These Moonlight artifacts only appear between midnight and 5:00 A.M."

- Professor Sakharov


Below is a list of all Artefacts that can be found in THE ZOИE.

Even though Fireball is a thermal artefact, it can be handled without fear of being burned. This artefact is valued for its ability to maintain a temperature of 23.889°C within a small radius, virtually regardless of its surroundings. Fireball emits radiation.

Sale Value - 650₽


Jellyfish formed in the Springboard. Forms a weak protective field whose side effect is a slight radiation. The artefact is widespread and not very valuable.

Sale Value - 350₽

Degenerate case of the activity of the Electro anomaly. It seems that such a wonderful round form is created when the anomaly is subjected to thermal influences. Expensive artifact. These Moonlight artifacts only appear between 2300-0500hrs.

Sale Value - 1600₽

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