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The Ukrainian (Ministry of Internal Affairs) military supposedly has the Zone contained in order to prevent the looting of dangerous, radioactive materials and to prevent the unauthorized entering of any individuals. They allegedly enforce this rule with a "Shoot-on-sight" declaration. In an ironic twist, because of major corruption within their ranks, they themselves are the reason why Stalkers can continue to operate, and why radioactive materials from the Zone keep flowing to the outside world. Overtly, the Military are hostile to all Stalkers, to keep up appearances; but they also make shady dealings with them at the same time.

The Miliatry come in three different strengths.


Soldiers – The Guards will be found on the checkpoints and roads into The Zone. Their job is to hunt looters and kill mutants. They lack professionalism and even decent protective equipment. It is noted how they are underpaid.


Spetznaz – These elite soldiers get dispatched into The Zone to on special missions and rescue operations. They are well trained with combat experience. They will be easily identifiable by their protective equipment and stance. They are hostile however sometimes will stop to ask questions.


Military Stalker – The Military Stalkers underwent special training to understand The Zone or were Stalkers who have signed a contract with the Military. They are usually equipped with the high end protective equipment including high tech helmets. They are usually in The Zone to create maps and study the causes and effects of the 1986 disaster. They will not be approached by anyone and will open fire on sight.



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