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In The Zone it is inevitable that you will cross some form of mutant or zombies who may have been caught in an emission. Here is what they may be and what can kill them.


Unlike traditional Zombies, these are not blood thirsty flesh eaters, they have been exposed to psi emitions for prolonged periods and become brain dead. Some will have the appearence of traditional zombies if they have been decomposing in The Zone for some time.

They are easily identified by their moaning and slurred words. Also other things to observe are limping, inability to aim a weapon and moving slowly.

When shot they may lose balance and fall over, they will keep getting up again, they can only be killed when on the ground by knife attack. Almost as if possessed by something supernatural.


These are a hard enemy to kill, fast and agile. They will wait for you to come into the lure before attacking. Nobody knows exactly how many bullets are required to kill one. All we know is it is a lot. Shotguns seem to be the most effective against Snorks.


They resemble humans in a way, they were once human. Now they roam dark places around high radiation and hunt stealthily. These also are hard enemies to face. They can take a huge amount of punishment however, shotguns and grenades do the most damage. Bloodsuckers are rare in The Zone during day light.


The controller is a hugely powerful being! Exposure to radiation has given them Psi abilities and immense strength. The can use Psi abilities from a distance to cause your Psi to drain. When your Psi drops below 7 bars you’ll likely try to kill yourself or players around you! When your Psi drops to 10 bars, you’ll become a zombie. You’ll know you’re under the Controllers Psi ability as your app will make a high pitch sound. A knife is the only way to beat this powerful being.

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