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The Steel Helmet.

This soldier has both a field cap and Type 90 helmet on him, field cap is worn under the helmet here. A helmet net/cover are optional. All Japanese infantry would carry helmets into battle. No matter how poorly equipped or backline the unit was.

Primary Weapon.

In a squad every man minus the machine gunner is armed with a bolt action rifle. By the time WWII was underway the Type 99 Arisaka had been introduced as a replacement. By the mid-war period of 1942-43 the Type 99 was in extensive use alongside the Type 38, although was never fully replaced by the end of the war.

Type 98 Tunic.

The Type 98 Tunic is worn with an undershirt. Note here the rank insignia on the collar showing his rank. Senior Private. The Soldiers has a camouflage net draped over his shoulders for foliage.

Belt Kit.

Unlike Naval Infantry, the Army were expected to last up to a couple weeks without proper resupply while the Navy relied upon logistics. As a result an army soldier would be expected to carry his belt kit, waterbottle and haversack as well as full load bearing equipment in the form of either the Type 99 'Tako' pack or the improvised half-shelter pack. Within/attached to these would be field gear such as messtins, shovels, blankets for sleeping as well as any other miscellaneous man-transportable field equipment.

Type 98 Trousers.

The Type 98 Trousers are being worn here, these are the standard issue for the Type 98 uniform.


Beneath the Japanese Army puttees you can see Imperial Japanese Army Ankle Boots.

Senior Private or "Jōtōhei"
Guadalcanal, 1942


Here is one of our community member's (Japanese reenactment association UK) "Dai-Nippon Teikoku Rikugun" or Imperial Japanese Army. This kit based on the Showa 17 (1942) regulation and is from late 1942 to late 1945. As this was the universal kit for Army, it would have been seen wherever the army was stationed.

Here is a break down of the kit being worn;


  • Type 90 Helmet

  • Type 90 Helmet Cover

  • Camouflage Net

  • Rikusenbou Field Cap


  • Type 98 Tunic

  • Khaki Undershirt

  • Camouflage Net

Belt & Kit;

  • Leather Belt

  • 2 Front Pouches

  • 1 Rear Pouch

  • Water Bottle

  • Bayonet frog

  • Haversack

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  • S&T Type99 Arisaka


  • Type 98 Trousers

  • Japanese Army Puttees

  • Japanese Army Boots

What other weapons could I use?

  • Type99

  • Type 38

  • Type 38 Carbine

  • Type 96 LMG

  • Type 100 SMG

  • MP18

What about a sidearm?

If you limit your rifles to under 370fps / 1.27j you wont need a side arm, and this will allow you to storm enemy positions up close an personal. A rubber bayonet is far more effective than your rifle at such close quarters.

Can I use Officer kit? ?
We would NOT recommend coming to an event as an Officer or NCO. These roles are reserved for crew and people in command appointments.

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