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The Zone's Custom AKM-74/2


Game Rifle infomation;

Assault rifle with a folding butt, 1974 model, uses 5.45x39 mm ammunition. It is a simple and reliable weapon, but the cheapness of its production affected its ergonomy and accuracy. In the zone, it is the main weapon of the military stalkers and of many solo fighters.


Frontline Events is offereing this, to the die hard stalker fan, as a package consisting of an LCT AKs74n rifle with skelton stock, green handguards, pistol grip and MAG AK47 Waffle 100rds Magazine. You can also add the LCT PBS-1 Steel Silencer or the GP30 from King Arms. We chose the GP30 for its ability to use TAG ammunition!


You can even opt to recieve this gun weathered looking like it was already in The Zone!




MAG AK47 Waffle 100rds Magazine



King Arms GP30

LCT PBS-1 Steel Silencer





Out of Stock
  • Specifications :
    Length: 590 / 830 mm
    Inner Barrel Length: mm
    Hop-up : Adjustable
    Power Source : 11.1V 20C Li-polymer
    Shooting Mode : Semi/Fully-Auto, Safe
    Major Color : Black
    Magazine Capacity : 130rd
    Materials : Alloy , Plastic
    Bullet Type : 6mm BB
    Manufacturer: LCT

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