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The Mosin Nagant is bolt action rifle developed in 1890 after the Russo-Turkish War, and it has been used as service rifle for Russian Empire during the Russo-Japanese War and WWI. Since this rifle was urgently needed by the Empire, hence the Empire has asked the factory in France and US for mass production. After the October Revolution in Russia, The Soviet captured lots of Mosin Nagant Rifle and used during the civil war.

In 1930, there was an advanced type Mosin Nagant was developed and named M1891/30 Rifle. It was the most popular Mosin Nagant in the world and used by Soviet Army during WWII but stopped production in 1948 since the design was getting old. However it has been used in some countries like Turkey, former East Germany and even showed up in Korean War in 1950s and the Vietnam War.



PPS Mosin Nagnt M44 Carbine

Metal Bayonet


Cleaning Rod


Gun Haven Mosin Nagant M44 (Aged Version)

Out of Stock
    • Side folding bayonet.
    • Rich faux wood.
    • Good for 450fps.
    • Comes with 1 magazine.
    • Specifications: 
    • Length - 1130mm
    • Weight - 3812g
    • Magazine Capacity - 12 Rounds
    • Power Source - Co2
    • Blowback - None
    • Shooting Modes - bolt action
    • Hop-up - Adjustable
    • Magazine Compatibility - Win Gun Mosin Nagant magazines.
    • FPS - 450
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