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Real Rifle History;

M240 Meduim Machine Gun (MMG) is the US Army designation for the Belgium made MAG (Mitrailleuse d'Appui Général in French, means ”General Purpose Machine Gun” in English) which is a belt-fed, gas-operated machine gun firing the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. M240 has been used by US Army for over 20 years.

M240 had pitted against the M60E4 Machine Gun during the Army trials in 1990s for a new infantry MMG in order to replace the old M60s which has serviced since Vietnam War. Finally, M240 wons and classified as M240B, or always referred as M240 Bravo or even just “240”. It becomes the standard infantry MMG of US Army and also in service with the US Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.


Large Metal Flash Hider.
Adjustable front and rear sight.
Metal folded bipod which offer stable shooting for this machine gun and can be locked under the rail handguard by the bipod lock.
Metal Rail Handguard for rail attachments.
Metal made removable heat shield and moveable barrel handle.
Quick change outer barrel assembly just like the real steel.
Adjustable Hopup system.
Metal made Body Frame
Standard 20mm rail on the top cover for scope attachments.
You can install a dummy 7.62 cartridge belt (sold separately) on the machine gun and the drum magazine for realistic display.
Moveable Dummy Charing handle.
Removable Polymer Rear Stock which store up to 9.6V large type batteries with large plug.
Included 4000 rds Electric Auto Winding Box Magazine.




Jing Gong M240B

Out of Stock
  • Length: 1250mm
    Barrel Length: ~550mm
    Shooting Mode: Safety, Full-Auto
    Color: Black
    Battery:  9.6V (Large type with Large Plug)
    Magazine Capacity: ~4000 rds
    Material: Metal & Polymer
    Bullet type: 6mm BB
    Power (Muzzle Velocity): 350-360 FPS
    Manufacturer: Jing Gong

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