Real Rifle History;

The Ithaca M37 is a long-serving pump-action shotgun that has been produced from 1937 to the present day!  Having seen action in conflicts around the world, this shotgun has been used by many branches of the US military as well as law enforcement agencies.  The popularity of this shotgun speaks for itself, as of 2003 there has been over 2,000,000 units produced and the pre-WWII version is still being made to this day!  - According to the Ithaca Times

KTW has recreated a faithful replica of this venerable shotgun and the high degree of detail pays homage to this long serving weapon.  The construction, though plastic (with various metal parts), looks highly realistic and the faux wood will fool you like real wood at a glance.  The M37 is fed by a tube magazine, unlike TM shotguns that use shells, resulting in an exceptionally high capacity of 46rds and another 6 in the feeding tube, this makes the shotgun very usable in games without the need of having to reload shells after only several pumps.