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Real Rifle History;

The M1903 Springfield, officially the United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903, is an American five-round magazine fed, bolt action service repeating rifle, used primarily during the first half of the 20th century.

The M1903 was first used in combat during the Philippine–American War, and it was officially adopted by the United States as the standard infantry rifle on June 19, 1903, where it saw service in World War I, and was replaced by the faster-firing semi-automatic eight-round M1 Garand starting in 1936. However, the M1903 remained in service as a standard issue infantry rifle during World War II, since the U.S. entered the war without sufficient M1 rifles to arm all troops. It also remained in service as a sniper rifle during World War II, the Korean War, and even in the early stages of the Vietnam War. It remains popular as a civilian firearm, historical collector's piece, a competitive shooting rifle, and as a military drill rifle.



- 1:1 full size accurate replica

- High quality real wood body Full metal bolt and firing mechanism

- Adjustable rear iron sight

- Fixed blade front sight

- Front bayonet lug

- Realistic M1903 safety Sling mounts fitted

- FPS 325-328 on 0.20g BB
- Package includes 23 rounds magazine




25 round Magazine
Cleaning Rod


S&T M1903A3 Springfield

Out of Stock
  • TYPE : Spring
    MATERIAL : Metal + Wood
    LENGTH : 1100mm
    WEIGHT : 2884g
    FIRE MODE : Safe/Fire
    MAGAZINE : 23 rounds (6mm BB)
    HOP-UP : Adjustable