This is the TAG-Reaper 5. second Airsoft 40mm Grenade.

TAG-Reaper Grenade (Airsoft)

  • For those who want to play a higher skill level of game and make their gaming/training much more realistic.


    The unbelievable accuracy of this grenade is caused by its spinning movement during the flight. This spinning stabilizes the grenade until it hits the intended target.

    The Reaper shell is an airsoft/paintball projectile that fits standard airsoft grenade launchers and is a pyrotechnic flash-bang grenade. The shell detonates 3.5 seconds after it has been fired and does not need to impact your target. TAG Innovation products are commercially manufactured devices that are made in the Russian Kalashnikov factory.

    The projectile is made from trauma-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam which absorbs most of the impact. The TAG system is not intended (nor should it be used) for close-up target engagement, the whole point of the added range and accuracy is that you use it at a distance to take out targets that you could not otherwise reach with a hand-thrown device.

    * - The possibility of accident detonati