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VFC Colt 733


The M733. An iconic transitional carbine during the 1980s to the 1990s, the predecessor to the modern day M4 and most importantly a action movie hero gun. This carbine is the favored carbine of Delta Forces during that era and is in many blockbuster films, most notably "Blackhawk Down" and "Heat".The M733 and other CAR-15 platforms were the middle ground between a full size rifle such as the M16 and a submachine gun such as a MP5. This is because it uses the intermediate cartridge of the 5.56 round yet is only a tad bit longer than most SMGs, allowing it to have the firepower and accuracy of a rifle yet attaining a compact, CQB friendly size of a SMG.The VFC COLT M733 is a faithful replication of this legendary rifle, as it is fully licensed by Colt, you can find all the correct markings on this rifle. The parts on the gun is also quite period correct, with parts like the thin, "pencil" barrel, fixed carry handle and rear sight post, thin handguards and a commando style stock, this is a very accurate replica of the iconic transitional rifle. This carbine will take standard VFC M4/AR15 gas magazines, making finding mags for this bad boy quite easy.

Magazine Compatibility:

VFC M4/AR15 Gas Magazines



x1 VFC COLT M733 GBB Rifle (COLT Licensed)

x1 Magazine

x1 BB Loaderx1 User Manual


VFC Colt 733

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