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VFC Colt XM-148


Most of you probably have not even heard of this grenade launcher. The XM148 also known as the Colt CGL-4 (Colt Grenade Launcher - 40mm) is an experimental grenade launcher designed by Colt as the United States military was looking for an under barrel grenade launcher o replace the stand-alone M79 grenade launcher during the Vietnam War. Although the XM148 was adopted and used by the United States Special Forces, the United States Air Force Security Forces, and the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), The wider U.S. Armed Forces, later on, replaced the XM148 with the much more simple and much more prolific AAI Cooperation's M203 grenade launcher.The VFC Colt XM148 Grenade Launcher is a faithful replica of this notable grenade launcher. This airsoft grenade launcher is fully licensed by Colt and is designed just like the real thing to work in conjunction with the XM177E2 or the M16A1. Since this is airsoft, This model will only work if your XM177E2 or M16A1 series of airsoft rifles is of 1:1 spec or the real steel rifles. These will definitely fit the VFC XM177E2 and VFC M16A1. This launcher also comes with a period correct M16A1 handguard to work with this launcher if you plan to mount it on an M16A1 airsoft rifle, do note that this handguard will only work if your airsoft rifle is 1:1 spec.The launcher has a robust, lightweight CNC aluminum constructed barrel, fully functional quadrant sights, and of course, the correct markings. If you are looking to build a Vietnam-era period correct grenadier setup, this is the way to go!


VFC XM177E2 Gas Airsoft Rifles

VFC M16A1 Series Airsoft Rifles

1:1 Spec XM177E2 / M16A1 Series Airsoft Rifles

40mm Airsoft Grenades




x1 VFC Colt XM148 Grenade Launcher


x1 Handguard for M16A1 Series Airsoft Rifles


VFC Colt XM-148

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