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The Steel Helmet.

The Ssh39/40 helmet is the standard helmet for Soviet Troops. Underneath the soldier wears wool knit balaclava but also its common to have their Ushanka as well for extra padding, comfort and warmth.

Primary Weapon.

The soldier is armed with the Mosin–Nagant Model 1891/30 or Mosinka as it was referred by the troops. This is the standard issue rifle of Red Army.

(Note the Soviet RGD-33 Grenade stuck in his coat.)

M35 Harovari Trousers.

The Soldier is wearing the M35 Harovari Trousers. These type of trousers are still modelled off riding breeches.

Belt & Kit.

As you can see the soldier is wearing very basic equipement. Important items here for eating, hydration!

Wool Coat "Shinel".

Model 35 "Shinel" wool coat with subdued tabs is being worn over the M35 Gymnastyorka Tunic with subdued collar tabs. From the lack of insigna being worn you can see he is a Private.


Here you can see the Rifleman is wearing Kirza Boots. Britain and the U.S. sent 15 million pairs of ankle boots to the Soviets to be worn with puttees, it would not be rare to see them instead of Kirza.

Krasnoarmeyets, Stalingrad, 1943

Here is one of our community member's Soviet Krasnoarmeyets, Red Army Man or Private, from the Infantry. This is early to mid war impression, between 1939-1944. This "Ivan" wears warm clothing for the harsh Stalingrad winter.


The Soviets had been pushed back so far that their logistics chains were stretched thin and supplies were not getting to troops on the ground issues. Soldiers were forced to endure with minimalist kit, so "less is more" with these kits.

Here is a break down of the kit being worn;


  • Ssh-39/40 Helmet


  • Knitted Grey Wool Balaclava

  • Ushanka


  • M35 "Shinel" Wool Coat

  • M35 Gymnastyorka Tunic

  • Subdued Collar Tabs

Belt & Kit;

  • Simple Leather (Roller Buckle) belt

  • 1 Mosin Ammo Pouch

  • Water Canteen

  • Shovel

  • Gas mask bag

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  • S&T Mosin-Nagant 91/30

  • Mosin-Nagant Sling


  • M35 Harovari Trousers

  • Kirza Boots, Although the Soviets received A TON of British Ammo boots so that's a very good alternative to wear with leg wraps.

What other weapons could I use?

  • Mosin Nagant 91/30

  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 with PU Scope

  • Mosin nagant 38 Carbine

  • Ppsh 41

  • DP-27

  • MG34

  • MG42

  • MP40

  • MP38

  • M1928 Thompson

What about a sidearm?

If you limit your rifles to under 370fps / 1.27j you wont need a side arm, and this will allow you to storm enemy positions up close an personal. A rubber bayonet is far more effective than your rifle at such close quarters.

Can I use Officer kit? ?
We would NOT recommend coming to an event as an Officer or NCO. These roles are reserved for crew and people in command appointments.

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