Who Are We?


Dan: Management Team

Dan has been, since 2011, serving in the regular Armed Forces within the Blues & Royals. It has been time well spent learning many skills from tying boot laces to working complex fit communications systems and close target reconnaissance.

It has been observed that Dan treats everything with the utmost professionalism and everything he has learned during his time in the Army is reflected in the events from safety to realistic gameplay.

Dan had been playing airsoft since around 2012, before deciding to create Frontline Events, to inject as much passion and enthusiasm as possible to make players believe they are actually there!


Michael: Management Team

Michael, former RAF 1979-1986 left as a Senior Aircraftsman and continued with engineering in the print industry and then with Fork lift trucks and is now currently a Health & Safety inspector.

Michael began airsofting in 2013 before becoming heavily involved with military simulation as of 2015. He recently gained interest in the WW2 scene from his friend Dan which rapidly grew into Frontline Events.

Mikes first tentative steps into crewing has now grown into a strong and steady trot (far too old to run). He helps to supervise all the pyrotechnics that you will experience at our premier events.

Andy: Management Team

Andy, formerly a Royal Marines Commando for 1981 – 1990, discovered airsoft around 2012 and fell in love with it instantly, secretly reliving his glorious days, with musket in hand serving her majesty The Queen.

Andy injects “wisdom” into the company, along with his own excitement and enthusiasm and makes ambitious dreams become a reality.  

Andy saw the passion and love that Dan wanted to share with players and agreed to join the company with its fresh new outlook on airsofting, doing whatever he can to make it succeed!