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The Steel Helmet.

M35, M40 and M42 helmets are are great for this impression. Then to top it off, apply mud and add a rubber inner tube band or helmet net for foliage.

Primary Weapon.

This soldier is armed with the Maschinengewehr 42, or "Machine Gun of 1942", as his primary weapon. We encourage all of you to use bolt action rifles as it enhances gameplay.

"Splinter" Zeltbahn 31 Shelter Quarter.

The Heeres Splitter Muster 31 was an advanced piece of kit as it could be used as a rain cape and for making any number of different tents/ shelters. In this case it is worn over the M43 Tunic as a camouflage garment.

Belt & Kit.

As you can see the soldier is wearing standard rifleman kit. important items here for eating, hydration and, should it rain, waterproofing.
(It appears that this may have not been the original MG-Shutze)

Wool Enlisted Mans Trousers.

The Wool M43 Trousers are being worn here. This is very common throughout the entire war.


Here you can see that the soldier is wearing Ankle Boots and Gaiters. It is not uncommon to see Jackboots even this late in the war.

Grenadier Regiment 1058,
Normandy, 1944

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Here is one of our community member's Heer Infanterie Impression, it would appear that a rifleman has picked up the MG42 once the MG-Shutze has become injured. This is a late war impression between 1944 and 1945. This is one of the most iconic impressions of the German army in Normandy. Getting these "basics" right will put you in good stead to make other impressions. Late war Heer is very achievable off this loadout by just adding a few items.

Here is a break down of the kit being worn;


  • German M40 Helmet

  • German Helmet net with hooks


  • Splinter Zeltbahn 31

  • German M43 Tunic with Heer Insignia

  • German Service Shirt

Belt & Kit;

  • Belt

  • Heer Belt Buckle

  • Kar98k Ammo Pouches

  • Bread Bag

  • Water Bottle & Mug

  • Mess Tins

Red Bar 2a.png



  • G&G MG42

  • Sling


  • M43 Trousers

  • German Gamanchen

  • German Ankle Boots

What other weapons could I use?

  • Kar98k

  • Gewehr-41

  • Gewehr-43

  • MP-38

  • MP-40

  • ZB-26

  • MG-34

  • MG-42

What about a sidearm?

If you limit your rifles to under 370fps / 1.27j you wont need a side arm, and this will allow you to storm enemy positions up close an personal. A rubber bayonet is far more effective than your rifle at such close quarters.

Can I use Officer kit? ?
We would NOT recommend coming to an event as an Officer or NCO. These roles are reserved for crew and people in command appointments.

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