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United States

The M1 Steel Helmet.

The classic M1 Helmet, being worn by the US army from 1941 until the mid 1980's. This one is the M1C.

(Note the helmet scrim made from a net and hessian.)

Primary Weapon.

The M1 Garand (Ga-rend) was designed to be carried by infantrymen during an assault and was capable of accurate and suatsained fire.

M42 Jump Jacket.

The M42 Jump Jacket, iconic amongst Paratroopers and distiguishing them from ground troops, is being worn over the Wool Service Shirt.

Belt Kit.

As you can see the soldier is wearing standard M37 Webbing with M1 N-Bloc pouches. Important items here for eating, hydration!
(Note the additional .306 Bandolier for extra ammo!)

M42 Jump Trousers.

The standard issue M42 Jump Trousers (with suspenders) are worn here, they feature large pockets for carrying additional items.


The legendary jump boots were another iconic feature of Airborne troops.

Squad Leader,
Normandy, 1944

Here is one of our community member's US Airborne impression. In this case 101st on D-Day. This is a mid war impression, circa 1944 and would have been used in Normandy. In September 1944 the Airborne used a different uniform for the invasion of Holland and thereafter.

Here is a break down of the kit being worn;


  • M1C Helmet

  • Helmet Net and Hessian Scrim

  • Airborne Chin Cup

  • ACME Cricket (Attached to Chin Cup)


  • M42 Jump Jacket

  • Wool Service Shirt

  • T-Shirt

Belt & Kit;

  • M1936 Suspenders

  • Suspender Felts

  • M1937 M1 Garand Belt

  • M1910 Canteen Cover w/ Canteen & Mug

  • M1942 First Aid Pouch

  • Musette Bag

  • .306 Bandolier

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  • ICS M1 Garand

  • US Leather Sling


  • M42 Jump Trousers

  • Corcoran Jump Boots

What other weapons could I use?

  • M1 Garand

  • M1 Carbine

  • M1918 BAR

  • M1919 .30cal

  • M1928 Thompson

  • M1A1 Thompson

  • M3 Grease Gun

What about a sidearm?

If you limit your rifles to under 370fps / 1.27j you wont need a side arm, and this will allow you to storm enemy positions up close an personal. A rubber bayonet is far more effective than your rifle at such close quarters.

Can I use Officer kit? ?
We would NOT recommend coming to an event as an Officer or NCO. These roles are reserved for crew and people in command appointments.

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