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Frontline Events

"Welcome to Frontline Events - THE ZOИE. We will take you from the UK to Chernobyl's nuclear wasteland. Join us in the most immersive STALKER themed events to date!"

- Frontline Events

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FrontlineEvents-The Zone copy.jpg

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27 March 2022

"A fantastic event run by professional enthusiasts!! I've been airsofting for 25 years and I must add that this was the best event I've been to. So thank you guys for organising it and all the hard work in making it what it was. Maybe next time ....take the group photos and pics of both sides on both days as some of us had to leave on Saturday!!"

- Marcus Jones

29 November 2021

"This was my first event with frontlines.... I had spoken to 2 people and physically knew 2 others (from another site historically).... did that matter...... hell no..... the frontlines team were awesome, friendly and approachable didn't hesitate with questions sand nothing was too much..... the immersion has left me really wondering what it was like, the social aspect can't be faulted the grub is as home made as you can get...... in the woods...... in the cold...... but it was good wholesome an warming (we needed it).

The gameplay, from the player perspective was incredible the acting really helped the immersion, from the event side this must have taken a fair wack of planning to bring the event to life...... I've played for years...... but never have I played this way and I can't recommend the team and the event enough the challenges of the cold and the wind just added to the fun (yes cold and wind snow and sleet can be fun)

What really makes it land though... is the players without them it would just be another skirmish day...... they made the event as realistic as possible and such a wealth of knowledge that made the game play fun..... all that's left to say is...... why haven't you booked to try it yet....???? I know I'm going back for the next one!!!!

Thanks again Frontlines for an amazing experience and a brilliant weekend."

- Jaii Alexander

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