"Here, we are committed to bringing you quality historical airsoft experiences at a range of premier sites in the UK. Imagine visiting a museum however, not looking at exhibitions, living them. Bringing History to life." - Frontline Events

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Email: frontlineww2events@gmail.com

Phone I : 07772168711

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Frontline Events Ltd is strictly a NON political organisation and the members of said organisation do not affiliate with or share the views of Nazi’s, terrorist groups or the Soviet Union. The use of Nazi or Soviet logos and propaganda are used under artistic license helping to keep the immersion levels at our events to a high standard. All sound effects (not including music) heard on the website, in videos and or at events are the property of Frontline Events Ltd and we do not give you the permission to use these in any form without pre-arranged written conformation.


| Oh My Dog!! - Savfk | Dark Choir Music - Mattia Cupelli | Dark Dystopian Futuristic Music - JASA Productions | Really Slow Motion - Deadwood |

| Jimi Wing - Paul Daviz | Dickie Hendrix - Paul Daviz | Desert Caravan - Aaron Kenny|



Nathan Turner - Behind the Lense